Sep 4

The Sad State of Scummy Salespeople

Just read this comment from a salesperson at Verizon.

Pardon some of us for trying to feed ourselves and our families. Not all of us blindly sell android to everyone, I for one hate Android and would never own it. But, selling it is a necessary evil. Apple takes EVERY dollar of profit from every sale of their device. If you were in our position you would do the exact same thing, other wise you’d make a minimum wage paycheck or nothing at all. It apparently is some secret that the reason android gets sold so much is because there is actual money in it for the selling rep. If I made the same on iPhones that I make on even my highest cost android handset, I’d never sell a single android phone. Ever. All the tech issues and questions I have to deal with on android handsets is INSANE! Not a single one of them is as stable or as reliable as the iPhone. Not one, I’ve sold them all. They crash, freeze, email never works the same, force closes, and are overall too complicated. But this is the world Apple created for us, we just have to survive in it. Do your homework next time before you lend an opinion about all of us, were just doing what we have to and were all not the same.

Three quick comments.

  1. This is precisely why no one should trust a salesperson at a store. They are simply selling what they get paid the most commission on, which typically means that they are selling the most overpriced product. So, the majority of the time, take the advice that the salesperson gives you, and go the opposite direction. Read your own reviews before you make a decision.
  2. Salespeople are scummy. This guy quite plainly states that Android is inferior to the iPhone, but that he sells it because he makes money on it. What about all of the poor people buying these phones they don’t know (and won’t learn) how to use? How on earth can you feel good about that?
  3. Android vs. iPhone Marketshare Reports are severely flawed. I’d like to see a report with data compiled not only from sales marketshare, but with customer satisfaction and return rates. I’d make a crazy bet to say that less than 5% of iPhones are returned, while a significantly higher number of Androids are returned.

That is all. Your thoughts?

(Source: bgr.com)